Snow Removal


Snow & Ice Removal

Kansas Clean Properties provides snow removal service in Wichita and surrounding areas. We have built a solid reputation in the local community by consistently providing exceptional service to our clients. In several of the major snow storms in past years, our properties have been cleared faster than city roads.

We provide a wide range of snow removal services to keep your property clear of snow and ice. Our services include snow plowing parking lots and driveways, de-icing, sanding, snow removal from sidewalks and we use snow blowers and hand shovels for walkways and other small areas. We have a 24 hour service line and on call personnel to provide snow removal for businesses, malls, property owners and city governments.


Snow Removal Rates

Snow removal and plowing rates vary depending on the size of the property. It is best not to wait for a snow storm and call us to schedule an appointment in the fall. We provide free estimates for all snow plowing and de-icing services.

Contact us today for your free snow removal quote or go to our quote form and tell us what you want!


Anti-Icing Pre-Treatment

We’ll take care of the snow and ice before the first flake hits the ground. Pre-treating is a snow-fighting strategy used in anticipation of winter storms. If applied before a ice and snow begin to fall, salt brine will begin dissolving snow and ice the instant it touches the pavement – helping to prevent buildup.

Salt brine is a preemptive product which means safer park and walkways for employees and customers. It also involves less work and time than pushing heavy snow into large piles druring and after heavy snowfall.